Eke Me-Xi - workshop day one

For a first day of the workshop, it was mighty impressive how quickly people had ideas and got hands on with their projects.

We had some folks from Eke Me-Xi and some folks from Port Hardy Secondary and we all get to work out of the Eke Me-Xi seniors building! We all introduced ourselves and screened some films and discussed ideas. And then…. everyone started to get down to business!

Rhianne, Casie and William paired up pretty quickly and have decided to make a documentary about the neighbouring village, Quatsino, and the folks who live there. They learned camera and played with time-lapse and made plans for interviewing grandmothers, cousins and Casie may be interviewed as well. Much like the Gwa'sala-'Nakwaxda'xw who were relocated to Tsulquate, folks from Old Quatsino were relocated to a new site, now called Quatsino . They are considering interviewing all-ages in order to get different views on the place.

Lily jumped ‘write’ in ! She wrote her voice over first thing in the morning AND recorded it AND learned final cut X AND edited it down to a about 2 minutes. Her piece is talking about claiming the word ‘gay’ even if it is a label. It is a positive, strong and clear voice! She is planning for some animating tomorrow!

After much discussion Sue-Ann and Kristine decided not to work together ;) Since their ideas were actually quite different, it might be best to make their own films. It was such a mature and impressive conversation! So amicable! Sue-Ann has decided to interview her grandmother about a funny story from her past and will use animation as the visual. Sue-Ann animated some candy against a green background - so she could ‘key out’ the background, and add her own natural background - a green screen candy-mation! Kristine plans to tell a personal story and perhaps get kids from K-school to act in it…she also learned camera and captured some imagery!

Kelly A is planning on interviewing her grandfather about fishing and logging. She created a question list and confirmed times for an interview. She is also planning on going fishing on Sunday and will take a camera.

Kelly G decided on a documentary about her Uncle Walters song (The Women’s Song) and interviewed him, finding out his inspiration to write it and also recorded him singing and drumming the song!

Talon is making a documentary about carving. He interviewed Walter (his uncle too!) about Walter’s carving project for the new big house. Talon also captured some b-roll that he can use to show the beautiful pole that Walter is carving!

Shandi is using a book she already wrote as an idea for her film, the story of Thunder. She scanned her book, put the images into the final cut x program and learned about the SLR camera.

Shekinah is planning for an abstract film considering what it is like with and without oral traditions. She will use her own voice in the film and act in it.

Tyler is still deciding but is interested to interview one of his brothers for a family documentary. Tyler helped at the carving shed filming sessions with Kelly G and Talon. (And he got his hair braided!!)

Thanks to Leah (Eke Me-Xi principal) for giving up her room, Rina (PHSS principal) for driving some students to the school, Eke Me-Xi for the delicious shepherd’s pie and salad lunch and the film students for jumping right in on project ideas. BRAVO everyone! It is fun to work with a group that is so interested and hard working! SO looking forward to tomorrow!

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