Gidgalang Kuuyas Naay Secondary School - day 2

A VERY productive day!

James Reid - Gidgalang Kuuyas Naay Art Teacher, gave us the run of the Stage Room today, so we could all stay focused and really hammer out the stories!

Team VLOGGER honed their story. Camellia is now the lone Vlogger with Gavin as her cameraman and foil. Maggie is now a hippie character but she will also be camera and sound. They have decided on locations, costumes, props, cast some characters and written a rough script. Their film will allow for some improvisation since it is about a tourist travel vlogger who will react to her surroundings. A character arc has been established and there is a transformation for her at the end. #NO SPOILERS

Team #HORRO learned script writing software and change their story trajectory multiple times. As it stands, by the end of the day, the serious horror has turned into a comedy. The script was mostly finalized with rehearsals in FULL SWING! Some incredible acting was seen - the energy was ELECTRIC!

Tomorrow is a PRO-D day so Team VLOGGER has planned for a shoot day (Camellia is away on Monday) and Team #HORRO will take a long weekend!

Good work all, HAAWA!