Gidgalang Kuuyas Naay Secondary School - day 1

It’s great to be back it Gidalang Kuuyas Naay Secondary School! So nice to be reunited with inceredi-mentor Patrick Shannon and Our World alum filmmaker now mentor Niccola Marsden!

We meet Jacey in the hallway - more Our World Alumni - and we learn she will be in the film workshop again! Woot Woot! We are welcomed by Art teacher James Reid and get all set up in the Stage Room. We are excited to meet students who are interested to make films!

Basically we conduct informal introductions and get to talk about media we like - it is fun to get to know everyone. Welcome : Jacey , Olivia, Forest, Isaac, Kaleigh, Serena, Camelia, Kuuyas, Gavin and Maggie. We have folks who love musicals, sitcoms, fantasy, super heroes, horror, cosplay and literature!

We watch Jacey’s film Keeping the Legends at Heart and Gwaliga’s film from 2009 Grounded in Tradition.

Patrick shares some film projects he has been working on, one with a youth film crew creating a doc about a climate justice gathering: Powershift Young And Rising Highlights 2019.

Then it is on to talking about themes, genre and breaking out into groups to explore story. Then it is back to ‘pitch’ the stories. Forest & Isaac pitch a meta-sitcom idea. Jacey , Olivia & Kaleigh explore horror genre. Camelia, Gavin and Maggie plan for a mockumentary about vlogging tourists who are insensitive to locals. Serena plays drums in her band class and will join back with the gang after lunch and since Kuuyas will be away all next week-she went back to class ;(

Camelia, Gavin & Maggie become Team VLOGGER and continue to work on their story idea. They consider characters, casting and message.

Forest & Isaac join forces with Jacey, Olivia & Kaleigh and consider how to combine their ideas. That is the thing about brainstorming, sometimes stories change and morph. When Serena joins the group they are considering one murder during a camping trip. They become Team #HORRO (an IN-joke that started from a typo)!

An Out in Schools presentation takes the filmmakers to the gym for their presentation, but then the teams come back to brainstorm the final hour of the day, thinking hard about the 3 Act Structure, considering their introduction to the characters, their call to action, their challenges and struggles and then the final climax where the character(s) learn a lesson or transform anew.

Team VLOGGER and Team #HORRO are well on their way to something magical and do-able. It seems we will have 2 films to create over the next 7 days!

Haawa! Thank you all!