Screening Night - Haida Heritage Centre

We ran straight from the high school to the Haida Heritage Centre. Screenings on the same day as the last workshop are hectic! Lisa g met Niccola and the NOW Orchestra to test the projection system and sound for the animations and #ShitsLit film. Tracy went to get pizza and juice and Patrick was troubleshooting a corrupt file for the INTENTS film….this was stressful with the worry that the INTENTS film wouldn’t be able to be screened. l<SAD EMOJI> Patrick was trying everything to output this film!.

Folks started to stream into the heritage centre helping themselves to pizza and juice, students from Sk'aadgaa Naay Elementary School & Gidgalang Kuuyas Naay Secondary School as well as parents and friends! WELCOME!

We started the screening at 8pm to a full house (while Patrick was still trying to output)…. The NOW Orchestra played their onomatopoeia project (which was three panelled comic book drawings paired with recorded sounds) and then we shared the epic elementary school animations! BRAVO! Two amazing films that the audience LOVED! Then the student filmmakers from Gidgalang Kuuyas Naay came up to introduce their films. Camellia, Maggie, Jacey, Isaac, Forest, Jacey, Olivia, Taangguunaay and Kaliegh (Gavin wasn’t able to attend the screening) all took turns at the mic talking about the experiences of filmmaking and topic of their films…Forest was explaining that there was some technical difficulties and we could only screen the Blopoper reel for their film INTENTS, BUT WAIT! Patrick yelled the good news: he is outputting the film! YAHOO! Amazing work Patrick! So with our spirits soaring the students THEN wished their Art Teacher Mr Reid a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Then a secret video that Maggie created screened much to Mr Reid’s surprise! PLUS promise of cake after the screening! Thanks for bringing the cake Erica!

Then onto the movies. #SHITSLIT got ALOT of laughs, it was nice to hear folks take in Turquoise and her self involved adventure on Haida Gwaii. It was so fun to share her transformation with the audience. #NOspoilers.

Then INTENTS screened, hot off the presses and we finally get to watch the friends struggle with a murder while camping. It is both funny and scary! Once again #NOSpoilers but the audience is appreciative and you could hear people surprised and scared.

BRAVO to the filmmakers who worked so hard on the animations as well as the short live action films.

It was a chaotic but wonderfully magic night!