Gidgalang Kuuyas Naay - workshop day 8

We will openly admit it. TODAY WAS INSANE!

There was ALOT to do and it was a FLURRY of editing!!

Team VLOGGER had 2 computers going: Maggie and Camillia took turns editing & finding imagery plus using their phones to create fake instagram accounts and sharing photos. (Maggie also created the top secret video for Mr Reid’s birthday surprise…)

Team #HORRO had 2 computers going (their ENTIRE edit is happening TODAY!): Jacey making the rough assembly (did she even get up out of the chair over the course of the entire day?? ) Isaac, Forest, Taangguunaay, Kaleigh and Olivia worked on the blooper reel, credits and figuring out the title of the film! After MUCH discussion…the film is called: INTENTS

The NOW Orchestra from Vancouver (Lisa M, Caden, Mike, JP and Sheldon) dropped by with original sound effects and music created by students in Mr Bradley’s band class! THANK YOU!

EVERYONE stayed late and the outputting of the films happened right up the the screening….

EEEEH GADS, the excitement of filmmaking!!