Walk to Pesuta Shipwreck

North of Skidegate and just north of Tlell is a beautiful hike in Naikoon Provincial Park that takes you through moss covered wood and over streams and then out onto a big beautiful wind swept beach. If you walk for 5km you reach the Pesuta Shipwreck. The Pesuta was a log barge under tow in 1928 when it broke free during a storm and wrecked on the east beach of Graham Island.

The beams used to build the ship are massive and the steel hawse pipes (tubes through which the anchor chains run from the deck to the side of the bow) are prominent towers jutting out of the skeleton.

The blue sky, white meandering clouds, green trail and beach was a perfect west coast day. We had the perfect combo of heat and wind, the tide was low and the eagles were out.

Thankful to be here, sharing the beauty of the traditional territory of the Haida. Haawa - Thank you.