Pro D day - filming

Today there was no school due to a Pro-D day but Team VLOGGER still wanted to film some scenes ! Camellia, Maggie and Gavin came ready with props and costumes and mentors Patrick, Niccola and Lisa came with gear and coffees!

The afternoon was blue sky gorgeous and the team managed to capture 4 locations: The beach interaction with the ‘hippie’ (Maggie) who has advice for the Vlogger (Camellia), the Haida Heritage Centre with the disgruntled employee (Niccola), the dock with the angry boat owner (Patrick) and the arrival at the ferry terminal ! Gavin also recorded some of his reaction scenes and Camellia was prepared for multiple costume changes for her character ‘Turquoise’.

The team learned about running the cameras, the lapel mics/sound, camera angles, how to communicate on set to ensure they are ‘rolling’ at the same time, doing multiple ‘takes’ to ensure they have material to work with in the editing room as well as establishing their characters!

Their film is based on real interactions with tourists… stories based on truth can be so hilarious (and cathartic)! It was a really GREAT day with lots of laughter. The best kind of work day, fun AND accomplished.