Fort McPherson workshop day 8

Today started with attempting to get gas…but the gas tank latch was frozen shut! It is a different world living in this kind of cold! Eventually Cheryl pried it open - thanks Cheryl! Then a 10:15am pick up of Mary Jane so we can all be ready for the 10:30 am interview for the Northwind show on CBC radio with Wanda McLeod. SO much fun! Lisa g first talked about the Our World project and then Mary Jane talked about her filmmaking career! A great way to start the day!

Then, Esther went straight to work on final tweaking of her edits and adding credits! She was finished before 4! Esther’s film is such a harrowing tale of a family road trip that has humour and lightness but in the moment must have been so cold and so frightening. Thank you so much for sharing such a personal tale and letting folks know what a northern road trip looks like!

Ruby also completed her edits for her festival version film and right after the workshop, submitted her contest version of the film!! Fingers crossed that Ruby and Edward win the contest and get a trip to Yellowknife! Ruby’s film really hits the mark for the contest criteria: a film that encourages Gwich’in language learning between generations. It is fun, it is funny and it is a well made film! Bravo!

During the 6-9 workshop, Conrad worked on his sound edits, his credits AND finished early! Conrad’s film is so FUNNY! And SO STYLY! Apparently it is also a true story, but keep that on the down-low. Thanks Conrad for bringing such panache to the workshop!

Liz also came at 6pm on the nose (she wanted to come at 5, but we were uploading Ruby’s film and eating!) Liz had A LOT of ground to cover but she hunkered down and met her goal. She did have to stay late, but she did it! She finished an epic film celebrating a Teetl'it Gwich’in prayer vigil and awareness walk in support of the Porcupine Caribou! Liz will use the film to help protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Also of note, James, a BIG fan of Mary Jane’s work, dropped by and bought 2 of her dvds! Thanks for supporting a Gwich’in artist!