Fort McPherson screening night

It was such a great crowd! And such a delicious feast and exciting screening night!

Lucy and Dorothy made a great supper: moose head soup (a delicacy and so healthy and delicious!), moose stew, shepards pie , 2 kinds of bannock , trifle and blueberry cake for dessert!! We watched a behind the scenes slide show and chatted about the warm weather! It is seriously warm! -12!

Almost all the filmmakers were in attendance: Esther, Conrad, Ruby & Liz as well as animators: Rilee, Naomi, Taylor, Aaliyah, Hope & Grace!

Congrats to all! About 50 people were in attendance and you could hear the audience respond with laughter and applause!

Ruby also had some outakes ready to share - to illustrate how many times you act the same scene and forget lines and wait for the phone to ring and mispronounce Gwich’in… and LAUGH! Nizii Kwaa (oh my goodness)! So fun to share! We were all laughing so hard!! Ruby also talked about her experience filmmaking and how she submitted her film to NWT government film contest in Yellowknife!

Mary Jane then introduced her film, talked about the importance of being back in Fort McPherson and how she enjoys the opportunity to make films about Gwich’in culture. Then we all watched her film Adhòh Tr’ahshii – Hide Tanning!

It was an incredible night celebrating and talking and meeting more people and making plans for the future!
Our world hopes to return to Fort McPherson!  Mahsi’ Choo!