Fort McPherson workshop day 6

Good morning Tuesday!

Right off the bat Ruby and Mary Jane practice the hymn, Chi’ilik 93 Christ ts’at aanàii , for Ruby’s film. They sing it twice and then into the audio recording room they go (it is actually the storage closet) where they sing it two more times. Fourth time is the charm. PERFECT! Then Ruby adds the song and works on subtitles, sound levels and final changes. Tracy and Cheryl review and suggest 3 small changes and Ruby agrees. Tomorrow she will make these changes and her video will be ready to submit to the NWT contest! It is such an important short film, encouraging people to speak Gwich’in but making it look fun and making us laugh! Bravo! We keep saying Ruby will win the contest and get to travel to Yellowknife with Edward. Fingers crossed.

Esther worked on another flip book , this one to show the moose running in front of the family van! Such an exciting scene and such a great drawing.

At supper break, Mary Jane and her sister Lucy and the mentors went shopping for food for the feast! We had to go to the Co-op and the Northern to get everything. It was a beautiful day so we took the long way home to enjoy the view of the RIchardson Mountain Range and the Mackenzie River. (FIY the long way home isn’t really that much longer) haha

Then in the evening, Esther came back to add her flip book scene and create another animated scene with the moose peeking through the trees! Only 3 small empty bits in her timeline….looking good for tomorrow!

Conrad worked on his scenes with the humans walking and jumping. He learned about weight in animation and enjoyed this concept immensely! Great work!

Elizabeth (Liz) came in with media from a candlelight vigil for the caribou in Dec 2018. It is gorgeous footage as well as containing wise words from elders in the community. Liz edited the prayers down to just over 3 minutes! She also learned a bit about cropping, adding text and playing with slow motion. Liz shall see if her mom can translate one of the Gwich’in prayers as well as bring in some photos of caribou. Although tired, Liz made A LOT of headway tonight! Her film will promote the conservation of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the place in Alaska where the caribou have their young and where many species of wildlife and birds live. The President of the United States just opened it up for drilling. UGH.

Thanks all for your hard work and perseverance. Some incredible stories are being told. See you all tomorrow!