Fort McPherson workshop day 5

Today is a warm morning of -25.

Ruby arrives first thing and works on her film contest submissions, her scene selections, the subtitles and title and end message. She is getting really good on Final Cut 10! She confirmed that the film has to be exactly 2 minutes for the contest so she spent considerable time shaving off seconds here and there to make it fit this criteria, but also ended up making it a tighter edit. She will also make 2 versions: one for the contest and one with end credits to be submitted to festivals.

Mary Jane and Tracy worked on posters for the screening on Friday and confirmation was made with Paul about using the Church as a location as well as figuring timing of the event. We will have supper at 5pm then screening at 5:30, allowing everyone time to get home for BINGO!

Glen came by to work on his story and brought video to be moved to a laptop. He is an incredible artist so hopes to add some animated drawing to his film. He can also play guitar so he has agreed to create music for Ruby’s film.

Esther worked on her interior of the van scene, animating everyone inside the van eating chips and salsa! It is adorable. 13 people to animate! She came back after supper break to finish it and put it into her timeline! Esther has attended every single workshop! And her film shows this dedication!

Conrad also came and worked on his animation, completing the whole scene with the car and the sandwich. AND recorded his sound effects! Conrad has amazing comic timing and attention to detail.

We only had 2 hours for the workshop tonight since The Rangers has a meeting in the Church from 5:45 - 7pm. The Rangers are located throughout the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Atlin, B.C, to assist the RCMP for things like search parties. (The RCMP will only search for 3 days, then the Rangers - a community based group - will search for another 7 days). When not assisting with domestic operations, Rangers train in activities such as first aid, ground search and rescue, leadership, navigation-GPS, weapon safety and other special training as required. We met Elizabeth and her friends and learned it is an intense but rewarding position and so important, since they are helping people in their own community. Nice to meet you all, we enjoy sharing the space and meeting more people!

We also chatted with the principal, Shirley, at the Chief Julius School (grades K-12) and she is interested in hosting a workshop if we can come back! YAY!