Fort McPherson workshop day 3

Hello Saturday! -39 (with wind chill -49)!!

Today we learned that in Fort McPherson they only have south and north winds! The south winds are the cold winds - called mosquito winds, because they bite your face! Chinook winds come from the north and are warm!

Today from 11-4 we get to work with Our World vetrans Esther and Ruby and new faces Hope & Grace!

Esther moved her film forward…photographing her van driving flip book, creating a colourful road scene as well as playing with resizing and timing!

Ruby worked on a pretty sweet edit utilizing the two shot and adding in the over the shoulder shots to create a real sitcom vibe! Again there was lots of laughter as it all came together. Ruby added the opening and last scene and will return on Monday!

Hope & Grace (twins and Esther’s sisters) learned animation techniques and recorded their voice as sound.

Pam and her daughter Sarah popped by, Sarah animated her name and Pam works for the Chief Julius School so wanted to see how the film workshop was doing. Nice to meet you both. They plan to attend the screening.

In the evening Esther learns perspective and works on more drawings, captures another van flip book animation and puts it into her timeline! A fellow named Glen drops by and is interested to potentially make a film. He has experience with editing from many years ago. He tells us some interesting stories about his life - any of which could be a short film!! We hope to see you tomorrow Glen!