Fort McPherson workshop day 2

The afternoon shift brought some hard working folks back for more!

Esther brought family portraits and a legit pictures of the family road trip (no spoilers here). She added all this to her timeline, with a SFX of the siren. Esther also made a moose drawing and a portrait of herself direct from a photograph. Her timeline is filling up and her story is completely dramatic!

Ruby rehearsed her Gwich’in pronunciation with Mary Jane and then Edward and Ruby rehearsed their scene. At 1pm they headed out to film the scene at the CBQM radio station. Mary Jane assisted on camera and Gwich’in pronunciation and Lisa g was on sound. It was a laugh attack every time Edward said “Niizii kwaa” (oh my goodness) ! All the material was moved to the computer, reviewed, and a rough assembly was completed. The workshop space filled up with gales of laughter! Ruby and Edward went home exhausted (from working AND laughing!) Ruby will return tomorrow and Edward will return on Monday after his weekend in Inuvik with his twin sister!

From 6-9pm we saw some familiar faces and some new faces! Esther , Taylor, Naomi and Conrad are the returnees, and then we were also joined by Aaliyah, Naveah and Alexis!

Esther dabbled in special effects and started her flip book animation with the family van! 

Alexis, Aalyaa and Naveah created their name credits and created plasticine faces and emojis and recorded their voices!

Conrad made his (very detailed) puppets and recorded his audio!

Taylor made another animation with faces and Naomi joined her and they giggled their way through two more animations!

Gladys dropped by in the end to pick up her kids (Naveah and Taylor) as well as Alexis to drive them home. She works at the Chief Julius School and mentioned we should tell the school about the screening night on Feb 8th…YES!

Naveah rushes back in before heading home to tell us: THERE ARE NORTHERN LIGHTS! Thank you Naveah!