Eenchokay Birchstick School - workshop day 3

Today was SO busy, nary a time to document!

What we DID document, early in the day, before things got busy, was the BEST. BREAKFAST. EVER! Crystal brought in Moose Meat (cooked like pulled pork) and paired with the school breakfast offering we added bannock and eggs. YUMMY! Thank you so much!

SO right after lunch and after they all played a wicked game of volleyball, Curtis, Hosiah, Cassidy, Jenn and Kavanah shot their entire scene one…all seven shots, with camera and dialogue! They selected their shots, story boarded their next scene and decided on the final story ending…. and then they still had to go play more sports!!! This team is coming back in the morning to keep working!

Kamden and Delroy edited ALL their footage and shot some closeups and cut aways. They also added music and english subtitles for their Ojibway dialogue! They are considering sound effects and are coming back at noon tomorrow to finish this funny and clever film.

Nina, worked on animating some of her words for her film. Her attention to detail is incredible! Nina too shall come in tomorrow, even though it is Saturday.

Randy wrote out his script (a brave personal story) and printed colour copies of family photos to be used in his video. He also made his storyboard so he has a solid plan for tomorrow. Since he has a fair bit to film outside, our fingers are crossed it doesn’t rain again!

Crystal brought in her oral story of how her daughter was named. She recorded various versions of the story and will now write it out and record one more time also including her common law partner in the voice over! Crystal is excited to animate and will come in tomorrow afternoon!

It was a whirlwind of a day, but lots of progress and FUN!

Thank you all for your hard work and sense of humour!!!

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