OC Friday Finesse

Not to keep talking about the weather, but it is of great interest. …and today it has suddenly heated right up!!!

Mary Jane mentioned, while walking to work today, that it feels like March or April weather, really warm (-20), no wind, nice calm day….perfect for camping! ;)

Today was another busy day …lots of credits and imagery collection… and some visitors and viewers too! MJ’s daughter Deanna and her husband, Vernon, came to visit, Deanna bringing a gorgeous hand beaded picture frame!! Mahsi’Choo!! Mary Jane showed them part of her end credits that has their son, Vernon Jr in it.

Also, Sophie and Brianna (Gwich’in language learners and teachers) and little 8 month old Evelyn watched the entire film and loved it! It was great to hear their thoughts and comments.

By end of the day the end credits were complete as well as the opening title sequence! Also received via email, were some beautiful photos of her late mother, Mary Vittrekwa. Mary taught Mary Jane’s sister Dorothy Alexie and Dorothy taught Mary Jane hide tanning. The film is dedicated to Dorothy.

Mary Jane also got more permissions… one of whom was from Paul Josie for one of his photographs of the northern lights. Paul recently started an adventure company here is town, Josie’s Old Crow Adventures during these adventures he has taken some incredible photos.

We have also been planning for the trip to Fort McPherson and we have confirmation that the screening on Jan 30th of Mary Jane’s film shall be in the church. This is also where the workshop will be held. SO EXCITED!

Tomorrow we will tackle adding the new imagery, finessing the timing and starting to consider the sound.

A delicious stew for dinner, Bingo Night and a walk around the village …Mahsi’Choo / Thank you for the wonderful day.

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