Old Crow - Editing Continues

Today TOTALLY warmed up, it is practically bikini weather at -26!

Today was another incredible busy day in full post-production mode. There was adding more imagery, there was fine tuning the script making sure the Gwich’in was correct, there was finessing the transitions, there was getting more permissions AND there was even adding the end credits! Even lunch hour was busy photographing some hide and mukluks!

After dinner break (Hamburgers on hotdog buns - Hotburgers? Hamdogs? Delish!) Shaylynn helped with Kayleen’s Eclipse video. Kayleen, Dean and Shaylynn made some videos on musically and transferred those to the computer! Shaylynn is an incredibly technically saavy computer person! Thanks for the help!

Then back to the JTC (John Tizya Centre) for a bit of what Dean calls “adult homework” but not before checking out the fun a snowmobile and a sled tied to the back can be!

A totally productive day, but admittedly exhausting. We are all good tired tonight! ;)


A trip to the Co-op revealed food prices that would make a southerner’s jaw drop:

5 tomatoes on the vine = $9.78

Romaine Lettuce = $7.99

English cucumber = $5.99

With less and less caribou coming through Old Crow, folks have to rely on food from down south, which is clearly expensive. Climate change affects food security and thus is a major issue in the North.

More info here

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