Travel to Old Crow Yukon part 2

An 8:30am flight, takes us away from Whitehorse with a quick first stop in Dawson City, then on to Old Crow!

It is great to be back! Mentor Lisa g is SO excited to help filmmaker Mary Jane Moses complete her Hide Tanning film! This film was started during the last workshop in April 2018…but it is an ambitious how to documentary that needed a bit more time to complete.

So a plan was hatched to have an Our World workshop in Fort McPherson, North West Territories, Mary Jane’s birthplace. Mary Jane will present her films and then stay on as a mentor for the workshop! FUN! But first we must complete the film “Traditional Home Tanning of Hides - Addhoh Tr’ahshii” ….

After a nice welcome lunch of moose meat and rice it is right down to work!

Mary Jane will learn the new editing software program Final Cut X (bumping up from Final Cut 7), so she jumped right in bringing in and sorting her media…we are off to a great start! Big thanks to Mike at the VGFN Admin Building* (Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation), for helping with all our tech needs!!

*VGG is self-governing!

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