Old Crow - day five

Saturday! Mary Jane and Brandon wanted to work on their films! 

Mary Jane first re-recorded 2 lines for her film with Kellen, and then added it direct to her timeline. She then gathered her visual material (from USB keys and cameras!) and sorted it by the steps of hide tanning. Starting at the beginning of her timeline she started to add the imagery and she managed to get about 1/4 of the way through and then it was time for BINGO!

Brandon added subtitles to go over the Gwitchin interview with Alfred Tetlichi. Brandon utilized the transcription text but also his own knowledge of the language to create them. Awesome!

Kellen and Zoe went 'up mountain' (Crow Mountain) with teacher Monica on her skidoo and got some great views!

Sad to report Mary Jane did not win at bingo.  :(