Bella Bella - Day 6 - Film Workshop

Another whirlwind of a day!!

SO much happened today - WOW - filmmakers even fit in singing at the Remembrance Day School celebration, catching up on science homework, attending math class and going fishing!

Lets try to remember it all:

Bella and Astrid animated for 5 solid hours and created an incredible and touching animation about not believing stereotypes about indigenous people. They also captured some community imagery.

Latoya filmed herself down by the water talking about her opinion on how murdered and missing indigenous women cases are treated. And then after reviewing the footage she did it again to make it even more powerful than the first time. She also planned her b-roll footage and is excited to capture some on the boat trip on Sunday!

Ange interviewed Auntie Joanne and her Great Grandma and Michelle singing! She is also learning the editing program and has her media on the timeline. Then she had to go fishing! Good luck Ange!

Hailey & Aaliyah interviewed Aria, Danica, Granny Brown as well as Aaliyah herself! They also are learning the editing program and considering their story.

Nadia recorded her poem and filmed a dance sequence with herself and Elle dancing. She is also learning the editing program. A few technical issues around samsung talking to apple, but feel confident this can be overcome on Monday.

Elle worked on her story and researched depression stats and online youth made videos about depression. She is dedicated to work on her project, especially writing voice-over, over the weekend.

Elyssa interviewed Jes Housty in the youth centre and then her dad, William Housty at the library. She worked on scheduling other interviews and thinking about her voice over and b-roll.

Rio also joined the crew. He shared 3 short videos he made before - which are beautiful and edited wonderfully to music. He borrowed a Canon t6 and captured some wonderful footage around the community. He plans to bring in his own computer and edit a video on it!

Thanks to Lori and Brianna for keeping us fed today! Fruit! Lasagna! Cesar Salad! Banana Creme Pie, Lemon Meringue Pie! Nachos! DELISH!

We look forward to a fun weekend filled with an event at the Youth Centre on Saturday and a boat trip to the homelands on Sunday to capture video footage!

Looking forward!