Bella Bella - Day 5 - Film Workshop

Today was incredibly productive! Hats off to all the filmmakers who came with enthusiasm, ideas and intense work ethic! Here’s the rundown:

Bella and Astrid are working together on a piece about stereotypes around indigenous people - they worked on their 6 main points and the style of their piece (think BuzzFeed). Bella also animated their opening title “Breaking Stereotypes”!

Elyssa is working on a piece about Heiltsuk language and culture (using an essay she wrote as inspiration) to critique and celebrate different ways of learning and encouraging her community and others to continue to learn and practice cultural ways and language.

Latoya is creating a piece about Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls. She is expressing her personal distrust in the systems to find the perpetrators and protect indigenous women and her own fears to live in a world where this injustice is still happening.

Hailey and Aaliyah are a team working on a film on bullying. They interviewed a fellow classmate, Shakira, and wrote out and practiced what they want to say for the camera!

Ange is exploring intergenerational stories from her family and friends about culture, drug addiction and history. She conducted 5 interviews and put them on her timeline!

Nadia felt inspired by an Our World film made in 2008 on Haida Gwaii by Curtis Brown and wrote a poem called “Transition“ about expression and storytelling and wants to pair that with video and imagery of dance.

We can’t wait to see what develops tomorrow. Thanks everyone!

Also, big thanks to the Bella Bella Youth Centre for being incredible support providing snacks and lunch and finding tripods and extension cords and tables and on and on and on!!!! Brianna! Howie! Lori! Cindy! Shauna! Yup that’s YOU!

2018, Bella BellaLisa Nielsen