Wapekeka - Workshop day 1

Day one of the workshop was SO BUSY! There was barely a moment to take a picture! At one point Terril counted 30 people working on films/animations! SO AWESOME!

Some folks are from Wapekeka and others are from communities nearby since this workshop is part of the Survivors of Suicide Conference. The conference is dedicated to the survivors and all those who have been affected by suicide.

So many animations were started and some even finished (including titles and sound) Monty & Jocelyn & Junior & Kaiya & Maya & Kay & Kim & Jenine & MORE! Grant, with Matt's help, created a live action film with a spider that is hilarious, he made it in one day! Shane started a documentary project and interviewed three people! A film called Rez Kids on the Block (made by Casey, Blaise and Nash) was filmed and partially edited! Many folks have plans to come back tomorrow.

At 7pm there was a Pow wow at the gym so we dropped in for dancing and singing - some folks we knew from the workshop! A nice way to end the day.