Wapekeka - Travel day 2

Good morning Thunder Bay! After getting all our groceries and then completely repacking at the airport (haha it's true - we had only 75 lbs that would get on the flight for sure - the rest - 4 bags! - might not make it there today) we hop the Waysaya Airlines flight to Wapekeka! First stop: Kasabonika...next stop Wapekeka (only a 10 minute flight from Kasabonika). The flight has mesmerizing views...there are so many lakes in this part of the country...

We arrive to a spectacular sunset and Matt is there to pick us up (and ALL our luggage- it made it!) and he takes us direct to the gym where comedians Ron Kanutski and Derek Starlight perform as part of the Survivors of Suicide Conference. Everyone is helpful and welcoming, nice to meet you Brad, Myra, Zachary, Jennifer, Brennan (The Chief) and Donovan!  We also met some young people who may come to the workshop: Jocelyn, Fawnzi, Mia, Casey, Blaise and Nashlene among many others we did not get the names of. 

At first it looked like we were bunking down in the gym (since there are so many visitors in the community for the conference) but then Jennifer got the mentors a room at the hotel!