Tsulquate - day 2

Wow! Even though this was a shorter day (school ends at 1:50pm on Fridays) - everyone got ALOT done.

During our Eke Me-Xi morning Jade arrived with Monday confirmed for her interview with her Uncle! Then she jumped into working on her shot list and her story concept. She has decided to also include her own voice in her film! 

A new student arrived, welcome Miranda! Miranda watched some films with personal voice, learned camera and sound AND started in on her story and film plan! Amazing catch up Miranda!

Erin and Christen had a Drone Tutorial up at Walkus Hall and Kayle and Hayley had the first shift learning how to use it. They plan to use the drone for their piece to capture the two ponds that represent the Bakwas eyes in their traditional story adaptation. Peter (linguist) brought the written version of traditional story and Leah (teacher) worked with Haley and Kayle figuring out how to adapt this long story...a lot of work.

Jade, Miranda, Sonja and Gabriel also tried out the drones.

Tracy conducts an Animation Tutorial for Haley, Kayle and Miranda.

Sonja and Gabriel captured more photos and video around Tulquate. Sonja has a great eye! This team is considering including Kwak'wala words in their video!

Roberta worked on her story concept and confirmed filmmaking with some students up the hill at the Gwa'sala-'Nakwaxda'xw School. They will speak Kwak'wala for her film showing that the youth are making culture a priority!

Jade headed to Fort Rupert to conduct her interview with herself! A great opportunity to practice with the equipment and consider her passion for art marking!

A really amazing day. Thanks everyone for working so hard!