Tsulquate - day 1

SO HAPPY to be back in Tsulquate!

Arriving at Eke Me-Xi Community School, it is so GREAT to me back! For this workshop we get to work in the senior student building! We introduce ourselves and meet new students and old friends! We watch films and consider stories to tell. Eke Me-Xi teacher Leah and linguist Peter have been working with the students all year talking about Kwak'wala language ( how dialects change depending on where you are speaking), clam digging and connection to the land. We have a great group and lots of ideas. 

Gila'kasla (thank you) to Richard who made us a wicked lunch - chicken and rice and veggies!

After lunch we practice interview skills using lapel microphones, tripods and cameras. Then we come back together to see where story ideas are:

Kayle and Haley are considering working on a project about a Kwakiutl origin story. The Gwa'sala-'Nakwaxda'xw people were relocated from their homelands (Tak'ush & Ba'as) to Tsulquate, the land of the Kwakiutl people in 1964... so this would be interesting context and history to talk about. Jade hopes to make an experimental animated documentary about her uncle and carving and art. Kelly is thinking about a story that talks about her journey to finding her connection to her culture.  Winifred has incredible drawings that she may incorporate into her film. Sonja and Gabriel took some incredible photos and are considering collaborating on a piece using photography. Seth and Rebecca are considering working together...perhaps a piece about cleansing...Craig and Thomas are also still thinking about story.

Roberta is creating a film (commissioned by UBC Community Engagement Fund) with language as a strong theme. She is thinking about a story about the comparison of traditional historic living and modern indigenous life. 

It was an energetic day. Thanks everyone for their hard work!