Bella Bella - Day 4

The first slightly overcast day but still beautiful...and VERY productive!

Bella and Nate managed to get an interview first thing in the morning with William Housty! So down we all went on the dock at the Breakwater! Bella practiced her camera skills for both the interview and capturing B-roll and Nate took on sound and was the interviewer. They are both naturals! William answered the questions about tankers and the oil industry and his concern for his community and environment. An important and thoughtful interview!

Back in the Elementary School, we visited Liz (her Heiltsuk name means Abalone Shell woman) in the Heiltsuk culture class and recorded the Grade 6-7 students singing.

We also got to meet with each animation team to record audio for their scenes, it was a lot of fun trying to make sounds for sticks cracking, walking and a fire (Foley!) well as human voices and animal sounds!