Bella Bella - Day 3

Another glorious day in Bella Bella.

Today we met up with the 10 filmmakers at the Youth Centre for orientation day: returning alumni Alexa, Astrid & Elle,  Latoya, and newcomers Bella, Keyshawn, Nadia, Nate, Sharon & Trinity

We were SO busy I barely took any pictures... but WHAT a day. We had a 3 giant flip chart pages from brainstorming ideas. We could work 6 years making movies with this crew! The filmmakers organically teamed up (or not) by similar idea of which themes to pursue.

Here are the teams and themes as they stood at the end of the day:

Astrid & Alexa: this team is considering exploring the life of a friend who went down a dark path but through the connection to his culture has found the light.
Bella, Nate & Trinity: an Anti-Enbridge documentary exploring in particular the fight against tankers in their waters.
Elle & Latoya: a film that traces the affects of Residential School from grandparents, to parents and then right up to their generation.
Keyshawn & Nadia: A documentary about protecting the Heiltsuk culture
Sharon: A film that explores racism, societal opinions & learning from these mistakes