Old Crow - Workshop Days 1

The first day of the workshop will be at the John Tizya Centre from 11-3pm. We use the morning to set up the workshop space among the heritage exhibits. We take a short walk along the river before an orientaion of the project with two adults who will participate in the project: Mary Jane Moses and Vicky Josie! 

At 11 am the teacher Monica Sharma arrives with her class. Grade 7 students: Madison, Candace and Jocelyn and Grade 9 students: Arron and Percilla. We also have a visiting participant, Kohn! Everyone watches some films and learn about analog film then get hands on with the cameras. We take the crew outside and shoot film right away! We then learn how to mix developer using instant coffee, vitamin c and washing soda...then we develop the film in the bathroom!! Fun day!

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