Old Crow - Workshop Day 2

The second day of the workshop was BUSY! First we went up mountain (Old Crow Mountain) with the grade 7-9's to document a cultural trip with the grades 1-3. It was foggy and although we didn't get the view we hoped for the mist was beautiful!

At 5pm we met with Vicky Josie who wanted to document her life: her smoke house, her dogs and her fish cache. She plans to share this film with her daughter!

At 8pm we meet youth worker Dana Tizya-Tramm and all his kid friends at the gym! They all take turns with the camera.

At 9pm, Erika Tizya-Tramm captures a street light that signifies the transition from work to home.

 An amazing day - 3 segments shot in one day and one segment on the street was shot yesterday - 20 scenes to go!

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