Tsulquate - Day 3

This part of the world is so beautiful! We had a magical 'commute' to the Tsulquate Reserve today.

Haley and Annie edited their 40 minute interview of Grandpa Tommy (TK) down to 5 minutes AND added some B-roll of Annie's Grandfather Tommy from before he was taken from his home in Blunden Harbour by the RCMP when he was only 5 years old.

Alex edited his interview of his father down by at least 30%! AND he chose and added a song by his cousin Tristan for the soundtrack. Alex also planned out his animation with mentor, Tracy.

Jeremy came later in the day and created new scenes for his animation that includes animated Kwakwaka'wakw words for "Drum stick" and "Drummer" !

Kelly, Thelma and Roberta went first thing to the Big House in Fort Rupert today to film. First came the elementary school students from Wagalus School who gave permission to be filmed for Kelly's film! Then came Thelma and Roberta dancing for Roberta's film. Big thanks to mentor Odessa for driving the students there, teacher Leah for organizing and Ross and Jordan for singing and drumming!

Besides helping Roberta, Thelma also worked on her own film: organizing videos that her Auntie gave her, planning for her next interviews and prepping her voice over.

Phew, a great day.