Tsulquate - Day 2

Another gorgeous day on Tsulquate Reserve!

Hard to believe it is only day two! This group worked very hard and have real visions for their films!

Alex is working on a film based around his father's experiences in Residential School. Alex conducted a 40 minute interview on location today as well as collected media ! Great work!

Roberta is exploring the Potlatch Ban and how it affected the culture of her people. She hopes to educate viewers as well as providing hope for future generations in reclaiming the culture that was not lost - no matter how hard Duncan Campbell Scott tried.

Jeremy is experimenting with a stop motion animation documenting the carving of a drum stick. Jeremy is a painter and carver and is creating a film that celebrates his love of art.

Haley and Bree-Anna wanted to interview their Grandads about their individual experiences at Residential School. Today they interviewed Bree-Anna's Grandad, Tommy, captured the footage and started their rough assembly of his answers. A lot of work!

 Thelma is making a film about the Coming of Age Ceremony for girls transitioning into women. She hopes to teach viewers about this wonderful ceremony and interviewed her sister and her cousin today, as well as created her voice over!

Kelly is working on a film about her own personal connection to her culture. She wrote her voice over, scheduled a Big House shoot for Wednesday and  an Elementary School dance shoot for Friday. She also generously helped Thelma on her film. Thanks Kelly!

AMAZING teamwork - great day!