Hazelton - Production Day 5-6

Jeanette finished her film: The Art of Making Bread! The photos she took of the bread baking process are edited together with photos of her family, old and current photos – it is a beautiful homage to her family and highlights the role of women within it.

Michele has been drawing most of the week – generating beautiful images in Fireworks and then importing them into Photoshop to add some visual zing! Wii-gyat, her main character, is a handsome fellow with a feathered cloak and raven mask. She has placed him within a forest scene that she photographed and then filtered through Photoshop. The bears that are a part of the legend she is telling were photos lifted off the internet and then cut and manilpulated in photoshop. Since she has been working so hard creating her images, she is editing fast toward the finish line!

Marvin has really filled out his story – the Final Cut timeline is almost complete. His animations have worked out very nicely. Today he is adding sound effects. It is hard to find a good arrow sound! But we are able to download a free one from an on-line sound effects site. He has really filled in his film with sound and the story is coming alive! The combination of sound and image in his film is very effective. By the end of the day the movie is almost done, tomorrow there is a bit of tweaking (some spelling on the text) creating end credits, a title card, a couple more sound effects and a current photo of Kispiox to come at the end of the legend to bring it up to current day. 

Sharon has been working very independently, coming and going with cameras and recording gear! Sharon has done a lot of work in Photoshop creating the backdrops for her movie from a variety of images and layering them together . They are gorgeous! Just watching her work is inspiring. She has very clear direction and knows what she wants! 

Sherylanne has been editing her story poem together and she has done a bit of everything! A bit of animation, quite a bit of photoshop work creating some beautiful collages! She has created a very cool sound design in Final Cut and did her own voice recording and photography. The way she has edited her images together is very organic and loose – she is very confidant with her choices and it shows! At one point she said that movie producing is too much work – but it is amazing what she has created from a personal vision! It is a moving, personal piece and the editing is really working well! 

Cody and Kirstin have constructed an ambitious short movie – moving between a personal history and the wider community. They have taken old family photos and recent shots of the community and created a very cool story. The search for music that can go underneath the images took a bit of time but finally they find something that they both like – the choices are limited from the cd sound effects we have, and the ones available on iMovie.

More great lunches – yummy shepard’s pie with cheese on top!