Hazelton - Production Day 3-4

Today Lisa shows us how to import images onto the computer and then magically manipulate them using Photoshop Elements. Participants will now be able to scan, import , crop, manipulate and layer their images, bringing them to life!

Cara Morten, local filmmaker, taught and talked about the importance of sound and gave sound tips. 

Sharon has gone to interview her mom, Marvin is on a roll, scanning images of the gorgeous collage he has created depicting two villages on the Skeena.

Michele has her legend storyboarded already and is working on drawing her character on the computer with a bit of help, from Steve, the animation guru!

Jeannette has started her storyboard and is spending her afternoon scanning photographs of her family. 

Kirsten and Cody are scanning pictures as well – going through memories and scrap books of their early hockey days. By the end of the day, they have laid out their story and planned to incorporate little animations into a photo montage.

Sherylanne has broken her poem into sections and chooses images to illustrate her words. Her uncle Errol is a talented local Gitxsan artist who has brought her a photo album containing images of his carvings and crests. 

It is impressive how far everyone has gotten already!