Pasha Partridge

Community: Kahnawake, Quebec

Nation: Mohawk/Inuit

Bio: My name is Pasha April Lucina Namajuk Christina Partridge. I’m an Inuk and Kanien’kehà:ka two-spirit cisgender female from two “K-towns”, Kuujjuaq/Kahnawake. Being double Indigenous and multi-spirited, my interest are on learning the lost knowledge and strengthening our connection to them. I love sewing, cuddling my two dogs, and learning new things. I also recently just realized that I’m quite artistic so I’ve been dabbling into different forms of art lately. My current art involves saving sealskin scraps to ensure all parts of the sealskin are used. I do this by turning the smallest pieces into phone case covers, jewelry or Barbie doll clothing. In my short film, The Story of Pasha, all my artwork is integrated into every scene.


Film(s): The Story of Pasha

Montreal, 2018Patrick Shannon