Kahnawake - Day 4

Friday night at the Kahnawake Library!

Jackson captured footage with Marlene making bannock with 40 school kids at Native Montreal today! He will share some of it for Marlene’s film and will use some of it for his film.

Jackson edited Marlene’s interview and added the baking footage. Jackson is really great at cinematography, his footage is so beautiful and in Marlene’s interview, she has wonderful things to share. Jackson also added some music to his rough assembly. He also makes a plan for the next 2 days of filming! He is going to a sweat in Kahnasetake on Saturday and filming an interview and capturing nature footage on Sunday!

Awesome productive night tonight!

Also thanks for being navigator back to Montreal, Jackson - Courtney is usually tasked with the job of navigating through Montreal’s ever changing freeway and city streets but stayed in Kahnawake with the her Grandma! It was another interesting drive back. ;)

Tomorrow we will see Marlene, Joy and Brooke! Looking forward!

Lisa Nielsen