Kahnawake - Day 2

Beautiful sunny day, check out the blue sky!

Later in the afternoon we head to Kahnawà:ke Library on the Kahnawà:ke reserve (Mohawk) which is over the Honoré Mercier Bridge, so enroute Lisa and Courtney pick up Glenn and Jackson.

Brooke greets us at the front desk (she made a film last year) while she is madly studying for an exam but has enough time to grab a camera and tripod. Brooke has an idea for a video that will illustrate different ways of learning for indigenous students. You go girl!

Jackson had already spent the day filming so he jumped right in and downloaded and reviewed his dance footage, gorgeous shots of his friend, Youkali, improvising…dance is her medicine.

Marlene arrived and brought with her, some still imagery, so that was added to her project and then she polished her script. Then Marlene recorded her voice over - the first take was golden but she did 1.5 more takes just in case! ;) Marlene will bring in further imagery when she returns on Saturday. She is a busy Wet'suwet'en Chef , speaking on Culture and Cuisine for the next 2 days!

Jackson interviewed Marlene and organized shoots for the next 3 days! He also heard back from a musician who agreed to let him use their music!! Jackson will also conduct 2 interviews before the next workshop tomorrow.

A greatly productive day! Thanks all! It is such nice energy to be around! A wonderful day.