Kangiqsujuaq - workshop day 4

Today was an overall BUSY day in the residence. Adam was graduating high school today! So lots of preparation (decoration, cooking, planning)  and celebration (party, lunch, speeches, photos!)! The residence is also a place for out of town high school students to finish their studies. 

The mentors head to The Arena and meet with Dorothy - the french teacher - to plan for the screening. Dorothy is so kind to allow us use of the upstairs classroom to hold the screening! It has a nice screen, projector and speakers! Dorothy has also been flexible allowing her students to sometimes come late to class in order to accommodate the creation of films! Thanks Dorothy!

We also see the secret back room and all the Arctic Guide gear! 

Over to the Pingualuit National Park interpretation centre where we meet Pasha, who is so knowledgable and we chat with her about her daughter who wanted to make a horror film, Eema. We hope they both attend the screening! Pasha tells us about Saanaq, the Inuit way of naming babies so you are connected to others by your name. Pasha Partridge’s film is about that. We also learn the Inuit way to try to stop storms - pull your pants down and show your butt to the wind! We are willing to do this so we can get our flight home on Sunday! HAHA! We hear there is a storm a brewing....

We are trying to organize the screening, find a caterer, as well as make sure our end credits are appropriate. We are looking to make sure we are honouring the land properly.

Then it is back to the residence to meet Nigel, who has another film shoot at the community centre. He also has multiple shots around the centre plus performing his spoken word in the gym. Then he hiked to the top of a mountain to get a wicked view of the town! Nigel has some incredible footage to work with!

Ned also comes to work (he comes during break from French class) and fine tunes his images, adds a title then he comes after class to finish his credits - he uses the AMAZING polar bear footage for his credit sequence! YAHOO! He also has fun with sound effects! A really strong and personal piece about being so at home on the land in Nunavik and Labrador and celebrating hunting and country food and appreciating the experiences of  travel! A wonderful film!

Mark decides to make an igloo! We knew he wanted to film it but suddenly there he is! We can see him out the workshop window! So we set up a camera and capture his progress from 4pm until sundown! It takes longer than usual since the snow is not ideal, it is heavy and wet but to us southerners it still looks amazing! After all this physical work, Mark comes inside to finish his gorgeous film about his friends new harpoon and harpoon head design! Mark even wrote lyrics about seal hunting for the film! Mark fine tunes his credits and sound! He also shares his film with his friend!

Adamie finds more imagery and adds them to his timeline. He almost has his entire timeline filled with beautiful pictures of his trip to Quebec and the Jaques Cartier National Park! The internet is quite slow so downloading images from facebook or Icloud continues to be a challenge. Thank you for your patience Adamie!

Leena has a BUSY day with the graduation so we hope to work with her tomorrow, for final touches!

Amy plans to work tomorrow as well!

Thanks everyone, another wonderful day!

Lisa Nielsen