Travel to Inuvik

Tracy and Cheryl travel to Inuvik (with a lion’s share of the film workshop gear) yesterday after the milk run flight: Vancouver, Whitehorse, Mayo then Inuvik!

In Old Crow, it’s hard to say goodbye, so instead, lets say, until next time !

We woke up to a storm warning in Old Crow. The winds were swirling the snow everywhere! But we are headed to the airport anyway…in hopes the plane can not only land but take off again.

The VGN (Vuntut Gwitchin Nation) car is so busy this morning with Elder Meetings and council meetings about residency requirement and us, an airport drop off. Big Mahsi’ for the ride!

The high winds cause the plane to be late (during bad weather it turns around and heads back to Whitehorse, this could mean a 2 day travel delay), so we use the time to conduct a rather windy and cold portrait shoot and then loiter inside warming up again chatting to everyone in the airport… Paul Josie - was there, photographer and adventurer! Mary Jane used one of his photos in her film. Nice chatting with you!

The plane eventually arrived, but not before having a rather rough landing, so some passengers admit! When it is our time to board it is so windy we can all barely walk up the stairs to get into the plane. We are laughing so hard we have to hang on the handrail for dear life! Once we take off the plane is buffeted around at first in the wind but once we are going things all even out and it is a smooth landing 45 minutes later in Inuvik!

We are greeted by mentors Cheryl and Tracy who have already picked up the rental car. Sweet ride! (Except we couldn’t open the back hatch since it was frozen shut, luckily a nice fellow helped us yard it open) We drop bags at Nova Hotel then head to town to get some snacks. First stop: The Roost for onion rings and pizza and then The Northern Store for breakfasty items but it has SO. MUCH. MORE. 2 floors. Everything you can possibly need.

Noticed: Utilidor…. utility tunnel or utility corridor built above ground to carry utility lines such as electricity, steam, water supply pipes, and sewer pipes.

Later on, its off to Alestine’s for dinner which is a totally charming cabin type affair with the food cooked in an old school bus. A good burger and GREAT chili!

Tomorrow it is off to Fort McPherson. (Pronounced Fort McFURson)

Lisa Nielsen