OC Sunday Edits and Rabbit Snaring

First things first, we had to go and check the rabbit snares! Kayleen & Desmond & Jr. set snares yesterday up behind the airport near the subdivision so a quick morning skidoo journey was in order. The snares need to be checked before the foxes grabbed the rabbits if they were in the snares. But alas, no rabbits today, but a fun skidoo ride for sure. Also, some great footage of how to snare a rabbit….perhaps Kayleen will use for her film…???

Then it is off to the JTC and a flurry of more post production work! More permissions and emailing and audio additions and photo and video finagling! Some music searching as well.


Mary Jane has an incredible work ethic and her attention to detail and clear love of fimmaking makes it a joy to work with her!

Mahsi’Choo Mary Jane! One more day!!!

Old CrowLisa Nielsen2019