OC Caribou Footage added

Still cold. Still Beautiful.

A gorgeous morning that found us working diligently on such matters as: searching for specific imagery and video, gaining permissions from photographers and folks in the photos as well as the list of thank yous & credits. Lots of emails to send, lots of typing to do. The glamour of filmmaking!

Mary Jane also added some GORGEOUS caribou footage that she filmmed (perhaps from 2010…) when there were lots of caribou around. She was able to get so close you could even hear them on the video breathing!! They are stunning animals, it is such a privilege to see such incredible video.

Mary Jane’s niece Elaine also provided some amazing hide tanning footage that is SO helpful in a ‘how to’ documentary. AND it is beautiful as well!!!

Mary Jane also got invited to show her Hide Tanning Film in Dawson! WOOOHOOOO!

Then at the Community Hall, over spaghetti dinner, some geologists (employed by the federal government) were presenting their summertime research that included a Gwich’in youth and Our World filmmaker alumni Caleb Charlie. Caleb traveled with the geologists around The Richardson Mountain Range near Old Crow where he learned from them but also, as one geologist said, they were SO glad Caleb was there since he helped them with his strength and knowledge of the land! They had a lot to say about how the Arctic Ocean was formed, tectonic plate shifting and how the Richardson Range was kind of the hinge of the whole affair! All their research, they explained, will be centred on what the Gwich’in people are interested in, which is mostly about climate change and environmental concerns.

Mary Jane won a door prize too! A hunting knife!

A little bit more of crazy eights and then, to bed!

A. Great. Day.

Old Crow, 2019Lisa Nielsen2019