OC Eclipse Sunday

The weather took a sudden turn today plunging to -40 below!

A good day to take very short walks and stay inside cozy-like doing some editing prep for Mary Jane as well and collecting her DVD movies and testing the portable DVD player for the Fort McPherson screening!

After a fun family dinner of mashed yams, broccoli, cauliflower, garlic sausage, caribou and moose, Kayleen had the brilliant idea (during a rousing game of crazy eights) to try to film the eclipse of the moon so we did that too!

SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON! (It won’t happen again until 2021!)

32 GB and almost 4 hours later we have some media to play with. Who knows how Kayleen will put this together….we shall wait and see!

Old Crow, 2019Lisa Nielsen2019