Tsulquate - day 7

The final day of the workshop was so busy...not many behind the scenes photos were taken...

Kelly finished her credits and fine tuned her film all day. She worked very hard on audio levels and even added a special effect! Her finished film is called CULTURE IS MEDICINE. Kelly also stayed late to help others complete their films!

Sonja and Gabe both stayed late re-editing their story from top to tail! Working with TK and Peter again for Kwak'wala help, they edited in their own quiet room in order to get it all done! Their piece is called DI'I and is a celebration of Sonja's grandmother!

Jade worked incredibly hard on transitions and sound and titling! These small changes make a world of difference in filmmaking. Her piece called FORT KNOX: AN ARTIST"S MINDSET is an inspirational story about creating art!

Roberta also worked late making sure her sound and transitions were just right. She even filmmed one more scene. Her film THERE IS HOPE, is just that, a film that talks about not letting a difficult past define a person and moving forward in a positive way.

Haley and Kayle also worked late, adding all their animated scenes and backgrounds and playing with timing and transitions. At the end of the night Haley even recorded her own voice for the title and intro! THE LEGEND OF THE TSULQUATE RIVER is an epic tale - an exerpt of a Kwakuitl legend!