Old Crow - day two - travel

A bit of a stop and go kind of day.

Our 7am departure from Whitehorse got us to Dawson on time but once we hit Inuvik we had to play a waiting game. It was sleeting pretty hard in Old Crow which meant we were waiting out the weather at first. It turns out that if the weather doesn't get any better, we would be taken back to Whitehorse and try again in the morning...but luckily the weather got better. THEN once we boarded the plane again we sat on the runway since there was and electrical issue. We decided it was better to wait then fly (makes sense to me) so back into airport again. We spent more time with the taxidermy Polar Bear apparently created from a bear that died of natural causes and made for Expo 86 in Vancouver. We also had the most excellent Poutine! Finally back in the plane we arrive in Old Crow around 3:30! phew. LONG travel day. 

We arrive in Old Crow (expecting -10 ) to find slush and mud instead of hard packed snow! It seems to have officially turned from winter to spring in one day! 

We are picked up at the airport by Earl (Thank YOU) and drop gear off at John Tizya Centre (Hello Mary Jane Moses, Heritage Programmer and filmmaker), drop clothes off at our homes away from home, then back to set up. A quick walk around the community ends the day and then to bed. 

Can't wait for day one workshop!