Bella Bella - Royal Visit

No filmmaking workshops today since the Bella Bella community was a little busy with the Royal Visit. There were some protest signs as well as excitement for the visit.

The welcome at the Breakwater was cancelled since it was raining so hard. So all celebrations happened in the Community Hall - it was a LOOOOONG wait for the dignitaries to arrive. But mentors Stephen G and Lisa g met some friends from last visit: Natalia and Latoya

Jodi Wilson-Raybould - Minister of Justice , visited instead of Justin Trudeau and she received a warm welcome from the community. The community was NOT as kind to Christy Clark - but she has no reverence for the environment, so there you go. A hush took over the room when Prince William and Kate arrived. They had a definite larger than life vibe. (The whole colonialist thing still kept ringing in our heads....)

The dancing and drumming was incredible - The Children's series: Herring Song, Ladies Welcome and the Archers Dance. Also Max Johnson's Celebration Song and Haida Song Part 1 and 2. Also the speeches were thoughtful and strong - always in keeping with the Heiltsuk strong self governance stance and dedication to community and the environment. The Heiltsuk Hereditary Chiefs were seated in a place of honour and Chief Marilyn Slett gave an inspiring and touching speech. 

It was a momentous day, that is for sure. (The Prince is moving forward conservationist strategies...fingers crossed it happens.)