Queen Charlotte City - Day 3

Back at the Gid Gaalang Kuuyas Naay Secondary School bright and early...

The Haida Horror group: TEAM COFFEE, compose their story and scenes. Three new students join the workshop and they will create a documentary!  Welcome Jacey, Tyra, Tasharra: TEAM TSB (Triple Slay Braids!)

Special Guest Venay Felton (Executive Director of Reel 2 Real International Film Festival for Youth) pops by to listen in. R2R is an Our World partner that helps write grants, create workshop opportunities and screen the films!

 In the late morning we move from story to tech and get hands on with tripods and cameras! 

By end of day Team Coffee organized 3 shoots at the Haida Heritage Centre (The Kay) and the Museum!  Team TSB has decided to focus their documentary about Haida Traditional Stories. They will interview three people about traditional stories with a focus on Stone Ribs!