Bella Bella - Arrival

The first thing to notice on Our World's first visit to Bella Bella is... its gorgeous! Bella Bella is beautiful no matter if it rains or suns. 

Cindy Neilson from the Youth Centre picked up the OW mentors at the airport and drove us immediately to leave our gear at the Bella Bella Community School - everyone is so wonderful and helpful. We even get to meet Jan Gladish the principal!

Bella Bella is on Campbell Island and all accommodations were booked UP in Bella we are lucky that we found a place to stay on Denny Island! So off we go on a sailboat to leave Campbell Island and sleep in our sweet water side cabin on Denny Island.

Our next morning commute, thus, is also by sailboat.

On the first Monday it is the all important Federal  Election! And the Heiltsuk community are coming out in droves! OW is happy that Stephen Harper was kicked to the curb!

For three days we worked with the Grade 7 students creating an animation for R2R - we will screen this amazing film before the OW High School films - an incredible bunch of animators! So FUN!