Old Crow - Day 1

Our World is so happy to be back in Old Crow!

The weather is positively balmy...only about -33 or so... and thus we are thankful to be borrowing things like mukluks, coats trimmed with rabbit fur and mittens!

The Our World team this trip is Lisa Jackson (writing and story mentor), Tracy Lewis (animation mentor)  and Lisa g Nielsen (technical mentor). 

The first day is all about meeting the participants and finding out about their story ideas. Today we met Darcy Andre, Jessica Newton, Melayna Kyikavichik, Jaanelle Schafer, Caleb Charlie, Sheila Kyikavichik and Camisha Charlie. Dakota also attended although he was still deciding if he wanted to join us!

These grade 9-11 students have a very organized and enthusiastic teacher: Frances Ross! Frances worked for weeks with her students on story and style...this was an incredible help to the workshop...this creates more time to spend on pre-production, production and post!

Darcy is doing an animated project based on a traditional Gwich'in story called  "How the Bear Fooled the People."

Jessica loves drawing and wants to try her hand at classical animation.

Melayna and Jaanelle are working in a team and also want to animate a traditional story - this one is called "How Bear got a Short Tail".

Caleb wants to also do animation for the traditional story "How the Loon and the Crow got their Colours".

Sheila is telling a story through the eyes of a two year old...Ellie is a young Gwich'in kid who will teach us all about traditional ways through photograph and video.

Camisha wants to talk about the history and geography of the Gwitch'in people using archival photographs.

A very exciting group of stories.

We spent the first workshop day looking at examples of films, going over story structure, copyright and permissions. In the afternoon we had a bit of fun with pixelation and then moved on to shot list and storyboarding ! A great day!

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