Old Crow - Arrival

We get a great view from the plane as we fly into Old Crow. The Van Tat Gwich'in people have lived here for over 1000 years.  Van Tat Gwich'in means People of the Lakes. The town of Old Crow is located in the Yukon, 73 km north of the Arctic Circle and 110 km south of the Beaufort Sea. About 300 people live here. The old town is right along the Porcupine River. This is where the John Tizya Centre sits. The Tizya Centre is a heritage centre where the Our World workshops take place. 
The Our World Team immediately sets up for the first workshop. The kids from Chief Zzleh Gittlit School arrive and  we show some films and talk about story. Deciding on story can sometimes be difficult, and people can be shy about their ideas.

A good game is to throw out anonymous story ideas on small pieces of paper and then talk about them as a group. By the end of the first workshop, many of the students had decided on their stories.