Old Massett - Production

Returning 3 weeks later, the first thing Our World has to do is transform the Old Massett Council Chambers into a production studio! Everyone jumps right in on their projects:

Kiefer Collison works on his short bold film stating that the community needs to listen to the youth because they are the future and must be heard. His piece was also done primarily in live-action video form. Having trained with Nate, he already had a strong sense of storytelling through images and sound. Kiefer also works with Nate’s production company.

Gwaliga Hart's story is centered around a young boy being transported to a magical world by his Ts'inni's (grandfather) stories where Haida Language and Traditions live strong. It represents nature, animals, language and Haida ways that are disappearing. 

Brandon's piece is an experimental animation about an Elder encouraging youth to practice culture and art.

Kristy is creating a piece exploring the concept of home.

Curtis is making a film about finding his way through dance.